Reservation policy.

Reservations are NOT REQUIRED for renting a boat at one of our 4 launches. 

  • Usually you can simply walk up and get a boat.
  • If you'd like to reserve for rentals, you should do so by the evening before your trip. 
  • We may not see email if you try to reserve on the day of your trip, and at our busiest times, we focus on getting people on the water, and may not be able to answer the phone.  So if you feel the need to reserve, please do so by the evening before. 

Reservations are needed for guided trips.  If you're interested in a guided trip, please click the launch you'd like to paddle from at left.  The menu will open up with trip options from that launch.


Please use the email form below to contact us.  We found that when we listed our email address here, most people making reservations would forget to tell us which launch they were coming to.