Canoe & Kayak Rental

Busse Opening Day - Friday, April 1st; Chicago & Lagoons - May 1st

Make your own trip for a quick hour's getaway or an afternoon. We'll provide everything you need, including enough paddling instruction to get you going if you're a beginner.

Come out and explore a natural stretch of the Chicago River, a winding stream where herons stalk the shallows for fish and turtles bask on logs, right on the city's north side. 

At the Lagoons launch and the Busse Lake launch you paddle through lovely wooded ponds connected by narrow paddling channels.

Guided Paddling

We offer guided trips for all interests and abilities, including Skyscraper Canyon trips through downtown, Sunset Dinner trips at the Lagoons, and River Rambles on quieter nearby streams.

To get a workout while making some paddling friends, join our Cardio Kayak groups on weekday evenings in Chicago.